Augusta mēneša atlēts – Chandra

Name: Koribilli Chandra Mouli
Age: 23
City of Birth: Vizag
Profession: Automation Engineer
Favorite Benchmark workout: Squat cleans
Favorite exercise: HSPU
Favorite cheat meal: Burger Meal
Sports history: Zonal-level Cricket Player

How did you start training at OZO S&C and what was your why?

I came to know about OZO through my friend and it’s near to the place I live.

How OZO S&C have changed your everyday life?

I have never been to the gym before ozo other than doing workouts on my own. It’s a kind of habit which I’m used to now.

What is your biggest achievement so far, and what`s your next goal you are working towards?

Squat cleans is my biggest achievement and now I want to learn DU.

What is the thing you like the most about OZO S&C?

Excellent trainers, high spirited and friendly atmosphere.

What would be your advice to people who think  they will not be able to do CF because they think it’s only for fit people?

Try it before you draw a conclusion out of blue.

Can you tell readers something interesting about yourself, for example – habit, future dream,your characteristics…

Being optimistic and veracious are my basic characteristic traits.
My habits include taking care of myself, setting goals and rewarding myself when achieved, starting with the task which I don’t want to do first and finishing what i have started.


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