OZO Fitness decembra atlēte – Katie

Ekaterina Domracheva. 32 years. Born and grown up in Vladivostok, Russia. Profession – architect, but currently raising a 1,5 year old daughter.

Favorite Benchmark workout:  cindy
Favorite exercise:  deadlift
Sports history: badminton in the teenage period, powerlifting from 25 years, and CrossFit since 27.
Hobbies: snowboarding, motorcycle, moto traveling, traveling, drawing, hiking.

How did you start training at OZO S&C and what was your why? 

We moved to Latvia with my husband almost 3 years ago. And after several months found Ozo around our house. It was a good surprise! Because we like CrossFit and have been doing it for several years already. Even while traveling we always search for CrossFit boxes to visit and try to find accommodation near these places.

So I was the first who tried training in Ozo, than I brought my husband. And it was the right choice I can say.

How OZO S&C have changed your everyday life?
Ozo, and especially Santa helped my to get from my postpartum period. It wasn’t an easy time for me. Sometimes it seemed that I would never be as fit and strong as before. But thanks to Santa, now I feel even fitter!

What is your biggest achievement so far, and what`s your next goal you are working towards?
I like challenges and achieving new goals. For now it’s getting all my powerlifting and weightlifting PB back. Also I still struggle with handstand walk. But the biggest goal for now is to take part in Iron man someday. I believe that CrossFit can also help me to get ready for this challenge.

What is the thing you like the most about OZO S&C?
It’s not easy to name only one thing. As for the CrossFit boxes, the impression is made up of many parameters such as equipment, hall area, design ect. But the most important for me certainly is trainers’ professionalism and atmosphere, that’s what I like in Ozo most!

What would be your advice to people who think  they will not be able to do CF because they think it’s only for fit people?
Come and try, if you don’t you would never know. Noone was born strong and fit, but became so after consistent work. So, if you want some changes in your life, just come and try.

Can you tell readers something interesting about yourself, for example – habit, future dream,your characteristics…

One of my future challenges, which is not connected to sport, is to travel from Riga to my hometown Vladivostok on my bike. It’s really a challenge, because it’s a rather long trip. But what can be better for the person, who likes riding and sightseeing. 

Also someday I want to take a part in rally race on the motorcycle, something like Dakar but easier, hahaha.